Rogue Trader


The Crazies. AAR

During this session our intrepid adventurerers translated into real space in the presence of a charted warp storm. In the infinite wisdom of the Lord Captain it was decided to set a course for a planet (THAT PASSED THROUGH SAID WARP STORM IN ITS ORBIT) to look for people to rescue or resources to plunder.
During the trip towards this planet life aboard the ship started to take a turn for the worse with Lucius’s speeches and prayers doing little to comfort the masses. The ship carried on towards the planet at the cost of several auger array servitors who upon seeing the results of their scans went bat shit crazy in a multitude of ways (two of which were given the coup de grace, one by Edmund and one by Haldred).
As the ship grew ever closer to the planet the mood aboard deepened yet further, the secret shipboard battle syker cadre that nobody knows exists were found chanting and praying due to the circumstances by the captain.
Yet closer to the planet McWard spontaneously drew his sidearm (which was taken away from him) and then a service knife and repeatedly stabbed himself in the chest. In his infinite wisdom the captain decided to read the results that McWard had just read and after doing so drew his power sword and attempted to cleave himself in two. Haldred noticing this disarmed the captain and shockingly punched him in his rather gaudy nose, a struggle ensued until the captain came to his senses (who was then taken to med-bay with McWard). Unsurprisingly the order was given to retreat from the warp storm and planet.
During questioning it was noted that McWard (touched by the warp) was quite possibly harbouring some sort of warp entity inside him and he was as a result put down like a faithful old labrador.
The ship re-entered the warp and proceeded back to footfall co conclude business with the various people that had been left attending to things previously. Debts were settled, results were read and acquisitions were made (well some of us… Fucking roles).
The screen faded to black as we sailed off into the sunset towards the maw to enter the calixis sector.

It's elementary, my dear Holt - S17
Jack Wall - Humans are disappearing.mp3

Super spergy autism date that no one cares about – Session 17 – Played on 02/03/2013

  • After the ship went to warp, Arlen decided it was a good idea to put two implants in his head: A MIU and an implant which supposedly increases piloting skills (and totally isn’t going to backfire on him because it is still unknown what it actually does). The surgery went without any problems but caused a rather nasty headache.
  • The Guncutter was stored in the hangar, and enginseer Varrus himself would lead the repairs.
  • There was much sherlocking going around, with mostly Lucius being concerned about the recent disappearances of some crew members after a warp translation. Allister was probably concerned due to his crew disappearing, but Edmund and Arlen were just happy they were finally getting some sleep without nightmares. Some clues had led to the arena, and Haldred would participate in a sword foitin’ match. For sherlocky purposes, of course.
  • Arlen went to one of the armourers, Quartermaster Ferastus in this case, and had him try and identify the green-tipped bolt shells. Although Ferastus could not identify them, he did indicate they would probably be corrosive or toxic. After a visit to the shooting range, the rounds turned out not to be corrosive, but it did make the target very wet. It is probably toxin, but will need to be tested against an enemy.
  • Haldred also visited Ferastus, with the request of turning a genestealer head into a hat, or helmet. Ferastus was absolutely revolted by this idea and had him leave immediately. It is probably for the best he did not have a flamer ready, otherwise Ferastus would have burned the heretical thoughts from Haldred’s mind.
  • Edmund led “the party” to the arena, where some brawls were taking place. Although Lucius wasn’t impressed, Allister and Arlen were quite enjoying themselves. Some matches took place before Haldred participated. Boring at first, but Allister threw some insults around and improved Haldred’s performance in battle against the stilleto wielding Clan Zera fighter. With a swift slash to the knee and torso, the young fighter forfeited. A grand dinner party would be held, and all were invited to this snacky feast.
  • While Arlen was enjoying the cakes and steaks (REAL MEAT) at the party, still not giving two fucks about these disappearances, Allister and Lucius were investigating and finally drew the conclusion that Clan Zera was behind the disappearances. It turns out that Clan Zera keeps the corruption and the warp at bay by having “willing” people sit in some strange room with some strange crystal that nearly managed to persuade Lucius as well [MAYBE HYEEEES MAYBE NOOOOOO ~ GM]. It’s all some weird ass shit, but it keeps the warp at bay.
  • So far it has been decided that it’s probably best to let Clan Zera do what they need to do. This is of course subject to change in the future. Perhaps.
  • Edmund also visited the party and quite enjoyed the steaks. Those lovely steaks.
-A shameful Loco-A PROUD AND FREE LOCO


  • Started the core cogitator and chose to continue whatever cycle it was on and retrieved some data. Meldron then took the cogitator core.
  • This same action caused the remaining systems in the hangar to activate, powering the Guncutter. Those in the hangar fled as this was occurring.
  • As the two groups were merging on the elevator, sounds of a struggle were heard including gunfire. On the party’s return, Blaine and the two armsmen were found dead – brutally slain by what looks like the same creature that had slain the rest of the crew.
  • Continuing to the hangar, the party found the Guncutter was in fact powered and operational. As Lucius and Claire ascended a rope up to the 1st level, James Cameron’s Aliens genestealers attacked both of the separated party elements.
  • A grorious fight ensued in which loads of dodging was done, Arlen and Meldron in the craft firing long-barreled autocannon justice whilst everyone else got shredded. Lord-Captain Allister Caine, impaled upon the claws of a genestealer with his last breath [before he burned a fate point] did immolate the shameful genestealer with Holy Fire.
  • Whilst the party was recovering and Allister bled all over the nice new guncutter, Edmund was instructed to both send some armsmen down to the surface and to assume a geosynchronous orbital bombardment position.

SESSION 16 1/3/13

  • The armsmen arrived on the surface, reporting a large amount of lifesigns heading toward the site of the station from the settlement. They prepared to engage.
  • It was clear the armsmen were getting fucked up and so the decision was made to try and blast a way through the outer station hull to escape. This was done, although not before Haldred constructed a mount for a heavy flamer on the rear ramp.
  • Now airborne on the surface the party assisted the armsmen – who were in dire straits – in fending off the genestealers. Allister, Haldred, Lucius and a number of the armsmen were stricken by the psychic powers of the Broodlord that compelled them to flee. Luckily, between autocannon, flamer and plasma fire the Broodlord was killed before anything too dire happened. Except for that thing with Haldred and Meldron.
  • After winning the fight and taking trophies, everyone on the surface left as the macrocannons began to fall on the settlement. Varrus was able to go to the surface and spent two days cataloguing and returning the various items to the ship. The Mechanicus warning beacon was also picked up some days later on the outer edge of the system before the ship translated into the Warp.
(Almost) Space Hulk - Session 14
  • Ventured into the fallen space station, discovered a report of some sort of dissection as well as a body in a suit of heavy, powered lifting armour in a wrecked store room. The body was headless but possessed a bionic arm. The head was removed by a sharp blade of some sort and was nowhere to be found.
  • Went on to have to cross a chasm torn through the wreck, Claire totally managing to leap across elegantly. (the others did okay too,I totally didn’t fall or anything) From there we traveled to the command center. Out side where two dead guards that had both been killed against the door by something with a very sharp sword. Arlen , with the help of Meldron accessed the stations systems and found out the station was brought down intentionally. The fall of the station also involved the escape of some sort of specimens and a large degree of heavy fighting. Unfortunately most of the information is held on the main cogitator which we could not get access to remotely. Thus the quest to reach it before the ships dying power systems ran out was begun.
  • On the way we visited the armoury and hangar, finding some unidentifiable bolter ammunition. We then traveled down the elevator shaft where Haldred freaked out, insisting he saw some sort of creature. We then tried to travel on but he once again insisted he saw something, and that it attacked him apparently biting his arm, its however not clear that he didn’t simply hurt himself on the damaged elevator shaft. During this Claire detected some sort of strange background psychic noise. Failing to find the subject of Haldred’s fear we continued on, descending to the 3rd level where the cogiator core and lower hangar could be found.
  • At this point we decided to do the obligatory horror movie trope of splitting the party, with Claire, Lucious and Arlen heading to the hangar and Meldron and Haldred heading on to find the cogiator core.
  • In the hangar we found some sort of heavily modified imperial craft, void of any sort of imperial branding or embellishment, not dissimilar to a guncutter of some sort. Inside the pilot had been killed , also by a very sharp sword of some sort. He possesed some finely made augmentations. Arlen claimed the ship as his and promptly removed the offending skeleton, after the head and augmentations had been removed.
  • What sword wielding horror stalks the wrecked station? What is the disturbance in the warp and why was this station intentionally wrecked? Will we ever see Haldred and Meldron again? ~ find out next time on Fukin-Rogue-Trader!
The Rather Underwhelming Crusade (Sessions 10 & 11)

908.816.M41 – Footfall, The Cauldron, The Koronous Expanse (Session 10)

  • The day following the meeting with Nicholas Cagoe the Drusians took delivery of their arms shipment and were organized into something resembling a fighting force.
  • With the Drusians organizing, Allister and the party went about organizing transport through a mixture of coercion and paying the local shuttle pilots.
  • Once transport had been organized the first wave of argus lighters departed for the Zahn Messafin asteroid.
  • Upon their approach the first wave of lighters were met by mega bolter fire from the docks.
    Piloting through the megabolter fire the first lighters landed and disembarked their cargo with the loss of 2 on the approach.
  • The party quickly set about disabling the first of the two mega bolter facilities with liberal usage of flames and stun grenades.
    Edmund was tasked with disabling the second.
  • The party quickly set about disabling the first of the two mega bolter facilities with liberal usage of flames and stun grenades.
    Edmund was tasked with disabling the second.
  • While Edmund was away putting the second mega bolter out of action, Haldred spent some time sniping enemies positioned on the opposite side of a large thoroughfare.

908.816.M41 – Footfall, The Cauldron, The Koronous Expanse (Session 11)

  • Evidently displeased with Haldred’s efforts to kill their compatriots, a couple of large groups of local militia types mounted an assault on the dock barricades.
  • A brief fire fight ensued resulting in the main body of the force being either killed or driven of by persistent usage of grenades and fire from the Drusians and the party.
  • Following the fire fight the party and the those at the dock barricades sat tight until reinforcements arrive.
  • With the arrival of more bodies, the party took a platoon of Drusian milita and a squad of the ship’s armsmen and pushed further into the hab blocks.
  • Not long into the hab locks a junction provided the party with an ambush and a number of IEDs to work around. The thorough booby trapping of the area took the lives of a not insignificant number of Drusians resulting in two squads being sent back to the barricades for replacements.
  • The ambush was in the end won by a clever flanking move by Alister, Arlen, Claire and a squad of Drusians using the crawl space between the asteroid and the hab blocks within to get close in and drive out the militia occupying the buildings adjacent to the junction.
  • Once reinforcements had been organized, Alister went about establishing a base to work from in the home of one of the locals, in the process enlisting him as the guide for the party further into the Zahn Messafin’s teritory.
Plotting Revenge (Sessions 8 & 9)

899816.M41 – Footfall, The Cauldron, The Koronous Expanse

  • Allister talked to the liege of footfall and acquired information on the Pugnacious, and was authorised use of the public speaky system. In return, the liege would send a list with gifts he would find appropriate.
  • Haldred received a new hand, but it will take a few days for him to properly use it.
  • The captured prisoner was thoroughly interrogated and provided some useful information. Afterwards he was ransomed for 2 suits of guardsman armour and 2 suits of carapace. By ransomed is meant executed, and the suits were taken off some fresh corpses.
  • Lucius can, after some surgery and medical attention, walk again.
  • Lucius delivered a roaring speech that included lots of swearing, and riled up the Drusian masses to take up arms. They were promised weapons and shoes.
  • Arlen and Haldred spent a bit of time training the masses, organising them into a sort of effective fighting unit. At least they know how to shoot in the general direction of their enemies.
  • A grand total of 150 lasguns, 25 heavy stubbers, 25 flamers, 700 autoguns, 200 flak vests and two bolt pistols were purchased to arm the Drusians. To pay for this, the arms dealer Nicholas Cagoe, was promised 20% of all profits from the exploitation of Eg/fff/13. He would also provide a survey team.
  • Allister made a lovely speech over the public speaky system which probably scared Xan’s men. Probably.
  • Of course, as always, some lovely purchases were made.
Space History X (Session 7)

891.817.M41 – Footfall, The Cauldron, The Koronous Expanse

  • We met with the head of the Imperial Cult on Footfall, Drustos Macer. No payment other than rights to the planet were given, but he did offer to potentially set us up with a non-AdMech survey team.
  • We bought (Or tried to buy) new fancy gubbinz.
  • Lucius was kneecapped in a back-alley.
  • Haldred was given the “Clarence Boddicker” in a back-alley.
  • Allister was attacked in a store and captured one of his assailants, because stun grenades are awesome.
  • Arlen did perhaps the smartest thing, and just ran away.
  • -He also acquired some very rare, exquisite Amasec.

The Sessions of the Dead (5+6)

658816.M41 – eg/fff/13, The Heathen Stars

  • We met with our new Navigator Thibalt Ortellius.
  • We arrived at eg/fff/13 without incident.
  • Turns out that eg/fff/13 has fucking zombie swamps. It was close, but space dialysis saved Allister Caine from becoming a space zombie.
  • In addition to the colonists, the planet was also occupied by the remains of a Penal Legion and their attached battle psykers.
  • The Battle Psykers were led by an individual by the name of Elymus. He was decent enough. To our knowledge he remains on the planet, possibly killed by the macrocannons.
  • The Penal Legion was led by an individual by the name of Kommitzar, likely due to a tainted artifact that bestowed enhanced persuasive abilities to him. To our knowledge he and his legion is dead due to an orbital bombardment.
  • The Colonists were led by the brother of Drustos Macer, Crassus. To our knowledge they should be able to subsist on the planet, and we can report that our mission was a success. We also dropped off the Drusians that were with us, to help the colony.
The Importance of Being Earnest (Session 4)

409816.M41 – Footfall, Koronus Expanse

  • Lucius Holt met with Drusian Adherent Meister, and eventually got us a mission.
  • Pierre Leon was apprehended by Haldred “Canis” Wulf and brought to justice.
  • The only way to contact Sten Seagalus is to leave notes written in the blood of the innocents in corridor B34 of sub-sector 81-Z.
Previous Events

329816.M41 – Jerazol, Winterscale’s Realm, Koronus Expanse

  • Engaged in battle with Titus Roth, the Rogue Trader. After a chase and Edmund Caine being briefly held hostage, Titus surrendered himself to your custody after Allister Caine gave him his word that he would be protected and released at Footfall.
  • Discovered Roth was dealing in ‘harmless Xenos crystals’, also discovered one of the artifacts Lady Sun Lee was looking for was missing – permission was granted for her to search the Herald of Light upon arrival at Footfall.
  • Met Edrianna who demanded to be given a cutter and allowed to leave the ship. This demand was upheld.
  • Roth was also allowed to leave with Edrianna, after a short conversation involving Roth, Allister and Haldred Wulf.
  • The Pugnacious emerged from silent running 30VU from the Herald of Light, taking on Edrianna and Roth as passengers before making for the translation point. A chase occurred, resulting in heavy damage to the Pugnacious although it was able to enter the Warp.
  • Before the ship’s own Warp translation, a grim ritual of sacrifice was discovered: members of the crew known ‘The Chosen’ were ejected via macrocannon just before Warp travel to distract the denizens which live there. This ritual was completed one last time before, after some excellent speeches from Allister and Lucius Holt, it was ended.

409816.M41 – Footfall, Koronus Expanse

  • Herald of Light along with Lady Sun Lee’s vessels translates from the Warp at Footfall.

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