Rogue Trader

(Almost) Space Hulk - Session 14

  • Ventured into the fallen space station, discovered a report of some sort of dissection as well as a body in a suit of heavy, powered lifting armour in a wrecked store room. The body was headless but possessed a bionic arm. The head was removed by a sharp blade of some sort and was nowhere to be found.
  • Went on to have to cross a chasm torn through the wreck, Claire totally managing to leap across elegantly. (the others did okay too,I totally didn’t fall or anything) From there we traveled to the command center. Out side where two dead guards that had both been killed against the door by something with a very sharp sword. Arlen , with the help of Meldron accessed the stations systems and found out the station was brought down intentionally. The fall of the station also involved the escape of some sort of specimens and a large degree of heavy fighting. Unfortunately most of the information is held on the main cogitator which we could not get access to remotely. Thus the quest to reach it before the ships dying power systems ran out was begun.
  • On the way we visited the armoury and hangar, finding some unidentifiable bolter ammunition. We then traveled down the elevator shaft where Haldred freaked out, insisting he saw some sort of creature. We then tried to travel on but he once again insisted he saw something, and that it attacked him apparently biting his arm, its however not clear that he didn’t simply hurt himself on the damaged elevator shaft. During this Claire detected some sort of strange background psychic noise. Failing to find the subject of Haldred’s fear we continued on, descending to the 3rd level where the cogiator core and lower hangar could be found.
  • At this point we decided to do the obligatory horror movie trope of splitting the party, with Claire, Lucious and Arlen heading to the hangar and Meldron and Haldred heading on to find the cogiator core.
  • In the hangar we found some sort of heavily modified imperial craft, void of any sort of imperial branding or embellishment, not dissimilar to a guncutter of some sort. Inside the pilot had been killed , also by a very sharp sword of some sort. He possesed some finely made augmentations. Arlen claimed the ship as his and promptly removed the offending skeleton, after the head and augmentations had been removed.
  • What sword wielding horror stalks the wrecked station? What is the disturbance in the warp and why was this station intentionally wrecked? Will we ever see Haldred and Meldron again? ~ find out next time on Fukin-Rogue-Trader!



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