Rogue Trader


The Crazies. AAR

During this session our intrepid adventurerers translated into real space in the presence of a charted warp storm. In the infinite wisdom of the Lord Captain it was decided to set a course for a planet (THAT PASSED THROUGH SAID WARP STORM IN ITS ORBIT) to look for people to rescue or resources to plunder.
During the trip towards this planet life aboard the ship started to take a turn for the worse with Lucius’s speeches and prayers doing little to comfort the masses. The ship carried on towards the planet at the cost of several auger array servitors who upon seeing the results of their scans went bat shit crazy in a multitude of ways (two of which were given the coup de grace, one by Edmund and one by Haldred).
As the ship grew ever closer to the planet the mood aboard deepened yet further, the secret shipboard battle syker cadre that nobody knows exists were found chanting and praying due to the circumstances by the captain.
Yet closer to the planet McWard spontaneously drew his sidearm (which was taken away from him) and then a service knife and repeatedly stabbed himself in the chest. In his infinite wisdom the captain decided to read the results that McWard had just read and after doing so drew his power sword and attempted to cleave himself in two. Haldred noticing this disarmed the captain and shockingly punched him in his rather gaudy nose, a struggle ensued until the captain came to his senses (who was then taken to med-bay with McWard). Unsurprisingly the order was given to retreat from the warp storm and planet.
During questioning it was noted that McWard (touched by the warp) was quite possibly harbouring some sort of warp entity inside him and he was as a result put down like a faithful old labrador.
The ship re-entered the warp and proceeded back to footfall co conclude business with the various people that had been left attending to things previously. Debts were settled, results were read and acquisitions were made (well some of us… Fucking roles).
The screen faded to black as we sailed off into the sunset towards the maw to enter the calixis sector.



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