Rogue Trader

It's elementary, my dear Holt - S17

Jack Wall - Humans are disappearing.mp3

Super spergy autism date that no one cares about – Session 17 – Played on 02/03/2013

  • After the ship went to warp, Arlen decided it was a good idea to put two implants in his head: A MIU and an implant which supposedly increases piloting skills (and totally isn’t going to backfire on him because it is still unknown what it actually does). The surgery went without any problems but caused a rather nasty headache.
  • The Guncutter was stored in the hangar, and enginseer Varrus himself would lead the repairs.
  • There was much sherlocking going around, with mostly Lucius being concerned about the recent disappearances of some crew members after a warp translation. Allister was probably concerned due to his crew disappearing, but Edmund and Arlen were just happy they were finally getting some sleep without nightmares. Some clues had led to the arena, and Haldred would participate in a sword foitin’ match. For sherlocky purposes, of course.
  • Arlen went to one of the armourers, Quartermaster Ferastus in this case, and had him try and identify the green-tipped bolt shells. Although Ferastus could not identify them, he did indicate they would probably be corrosive or toxic. After a visit to the shooting range, the rounds turned out not to be corrosive, but it did make the target very wet. It is probably toxin, but will need to be tested against an enemy.
  • Haldred also visited Ferastus, with the request of turning a genestealer head into a hat, or helmet. Ferastus was absolutely revolted by this idea and had him leave immediately. It is probably for the best he did not have a flamer ready, otherwise Ferastus would have burned the heretical thoughts from Haldred’s mind.
  • Edmund led “the party” to the arena, where some brawls were taking place. Although Lucius wasn’t impressed, Allister and Arlen were quite enjoying themselves. Some matches took place before Haldred participated. Boring at first, but Allister threw some insults around and improved Haldred’s performance in battle against the stilleto wielding Clan Zera fighter. With a swift slash to the knee and torso, the young fighter forfeited. A grand dinner party would be held, and all were invited to this snacky feast.
  • While Arlen was enjoying the cakes and steaks (REAL MEAT) at the party, still not giving two fucks about these disappearances, Allister and Lucius were investigating and finally drew the conclusion that Clan Zera was behind the disappearances. It turns out that Clan Zera keeps the corruption and the warp at bay by having “willing” people sit in some strange room with some strange crystal that nearly managed to persuade Lucius as well [MAYBE HYEEEES MAYBE NOOOOOO ~ GM]. It’s all some weird ass shit, but it keeps the warp at bay.
  • So far it has been decided that it’s probably best to let Clan Zera do what they need to do. This is of course subject to change in the future. Perhaps.
  • Edmund also visited the party and quite enjoyed the steaks. Those lovely steaks.



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