Rogue Trader

Plotting Revenge (Sessions 8 & 9)

899816.M41 – Footfall, The Cauldron, The Koronous Expanse

  • Allister talked to the liege of footfall and acquired information on the Pugnacious, and was authorised use of the public speaky system. In return, the liege would send a list with gifts he would find appropriate.
  • Haldred received a new hand, but it will take a few days for him to properly use it.
  • The captured prisoner was thoroughly interrogated and provided some useful information. Afterwards he was ransomed for 2 suits of guardsman armour and 2 suits of carapace. By ransomed is meant executed, and the suits were taken off some fresh corpses.
  • Lucius can, after some surgery and medical attention, walk again.
  • Lucius delivered a roaring speech that included lots of swearing, and riled up the Drusian masses to take up arms. They were promised weapons and shoes.
  • Arlen and Haldred spent a bit of time training the masses, organising them into a sort of effective fighting unit. At least they know how to shoot in the general direction of their enemies.
  • A grand total of 150 lasguns, 25 heavy stubbers, 25 flamers, 700 autoguns, 200 flak vests and two bolt pistols were purchased to arm the Drusians. To pay for this, the arms dealer Nicholas Cagoe, was promised 20% of all profits from the exploitation of Eg/fff/13. He would also provide a survey team.
  • Allister made a lovely speech over the public speaky system which probably scared Xan’s men. Probably.
  • Of course, as always, some lovely purchases were made.



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