Rogue Trader

Space History X (Session 7)

891.817.M41 – Footfall, The Cauldron, The Koronous Expanse

  • We met with the head of the Imperial Cult on Footfall, Drustos Macer. No payment other than rights to the planet were given, but he did offer to potentially set us up with a non-AdMech survey team.
  • We bought (Or tried to buy) new fancy gubbinz.
  • Lucius was kneecapped in a back-alley.
  • Haldred was given the “Clarence Boddicker” in a back-alley.
  • Allister was attacked in a store and captured one of his assailants, because stun grenades are awesome.
  • Arlen did perhaps the smartest thing, and just ran away.
  • -He also acquired some very rare, exquisite Amasec.



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