Rogue Trader

The Sessions of the Dead (5+6)

658816.M41 – eg/fff/13, The Heathen Stars

  • We met with our new Navigator Thibalt Ortellius.
  • We arrived at eg/fff/13 without incident.
  • Turns out that eg/fff/13 has fucking zombie swamps. It was close, but space dialysis saved Allister Caine from becoming a space zombie.
  • In addition to the colonists, the planet was also occupied by the remains of a Penal Legion and their attached battle psykers.
  • The Battle Psykers were led by an individual by the name of Elymus. He was decent enough. To our knowledge he remains on the planet, possibly killed by the macrocannons.
  • The Penal Legion was led by an individual by the name of Kommitzar, likely due to a tainted artifact that bestowed enhanced persuasive abilities to him. To our knowledge he and his legion is dead due to an orbital bombardment.
  • The Colonists were led by the brother of Drustos Macer, Crassus. To our knowledge they should be able to subsist on the planet, and we can report that our mission was a success. We also dropped off the Drusians that were with us, to help the colony.



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