Rogue Trader

Previous Events

329816.M41 – Jerazol, Winterscale’s Realm, Koronus Expanse

  • Engaged in battle with Titus Roth, the Rogue Trader. After a chase and Edmund Caine being briefly held hostage, Titus surrendered himself to your custody after Allister Caine gave him his word that he would be protected and released at Footfall.
  • Discovered Roth was dealing in ‘harmless Xenos crystals’, also discovered one of the artifacts Lady Sun Lee was looking for was missing – permission was granted for her to search the Herald of Light upon arrival at Footfall.
  • Met Edrianna who demanded to be given a cutter and allowed to leave the ship. This demand was upheld.
  • Roth was also allowed to leave with Edrianna, after a short conversation involving Roth, Allister and Haldred Wulf.
  • The Pugnacious emerged from silent running 30VU from the Herald of Light, taking on Edrianna and Roth as passengers before making for the translation point. A chase occurred, resulting in heavy damage to the Pugnacious although it was able to enter the Warp.
  • Before the ship’s own Warp translation, a grim ritual of sacrifice was discovered: members of the crew known ‘The Chosen’ were ejected via macrocannon just before Warp travel to distract the denizens which live there. This ritual was completed one last time before, after some excellent speeches from Allister and Lucius Holt, it was ended.

409816.M41 – Footfall, Koronus Expanse

  • Herald of Light along with Lady Sun Lee’s vessels translates from the Warp at Footfall.

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