Located in The Cauldron, this station was visited whilst on the way to ‘that fukin planet there better be plot there m8’. Abandoned Mechanicus facility dealing with research into specifically genestealers. The Guncutter was found there.


Initial Data Core Retrieval


Excerpts from cogitator core

„Subject 34B inserted into containment area at 3421. Subject restrained by Hybrids, aetheric scryers detecting heightened psychic activity around this time from Subject Zero. Gene implantation occurred three minutes later with complete Subject compliance fourty point five minutes later.“

„Observation: Subject Zero exhibits signs of 4.5% growth in the past two weeks. Growth pattern so far consistent with data obtained from Magos Silchas.“

„Observation: Subject Zero further enlarged by 6.5% of original mass. Divergence from data provided by 9.23%. Theory: containment stunting growth of subject. Subject numbers critical. Patrician delayed by 3 standard months.“

„Subject 40A inserted into containment area at 2123. Subject encountered Subject Zero thirty seconds after insertion. Subject 40A exhibiting standard loss of motor and bowel control. Fourty-Five seconds after insertion subject ceased all activities, appeared to be observing Subject Zero. At one minute 40A ceased biological function after removal of head by Zero. Corpse of 40A then thrown against mirrored observation panel. Zero then observed observation panel for some time.“

„Fifth Generation reached. First Purii born from host mother. Dissection facility in preparation to receive specimen.“