Rogue Trader


-A shameful Loco-A PROUD AND FREE LOCO


  • Started the core cogitator and chose to continue whatever cycle it was on and retrieved some data. Meldron then took the cogitator core.
  • This same action caused the remaining systems in the hangar to activate, powering the Guncutter. Those in the hangar fled as this was occurring.
  • As the two groups were merging on the elevator, sounds of a struggle were heard including gunfire. On the party’s return, Blaine and the two armsmen were found dead – brutally slain by what looks like the same creature that had slain the rest of the crew.
  • Continuing to the hangar, the party found the Guncutter was in fact powered and operational. As Lucius and Claire ascended a rope up to the 1st level, James Cameron’s Aliens genestealers attacked both of the separated party elements.
  • A grorious fight ensued in which loads of dodging was done, Arlen and Meldron in the craft firing long-barreled autocannon justice whilst everyone else got shredded. Lord-Captain Allister Caine, impaled upon the claws of a genestealer with his last breath [before he burned a fate point] did immolate the shameful genestealer with Holy Fire.
  • Whilst the party was recovering and Allister bled all over the nice new guncutter, Edmund was instructed to both send some armsmen down to the surface and to assume a geosynchronous orbital bombardment position.

SESSION 16 1/3/13

  • The armsmen arrived on the surface, reporting a large amount of lifesigns heading toward the site of the station from the settlement. They prepared to engage.
  • It was clear the armsmen were getting fucked up and so the decision was made to try and blast a way through the outer station hull to escape. This was done, although not before Haldred constructed a mount for a heavy flamer on the rear ramp.
  • Now airborne on the surface the party assisted the armsmen – who were in dire straits – in fending off the genestealers. Allister, Haldred, Lucius and a number of the armsmen were stricken by the psychic powers of the Broodlord that compelled them to flee. Luckily, between autocannon, flamer and plasma fire the Broodlord was killed before anything too dire happened. Except for that thing with Haldred and Meldron.
  • After winning the fight and taking trophies, everyone on the surface left as the macrocannons began to fall on the settlement. Varrus was able to go to the surface and spent two days cataloguing and returning the various items to the ship. The Mechanicus warning beacon was also picked up some days later on the outer edge of the system before the ship translated into the Warp.


THEGOBBLER locomotivebreathsa

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